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Yoo-hwa’s body flinched at the unfamiliar sensation, but she didn’t stiffen up.

It was as if she didn’t want to refuse him for a moment.

That made it easier for Woo-hyun to bring his hand to Yoo-hwa’s private parts.

When he swept it up, Yoo-hwa’s body reacted greatly.


Hearing the leaking sound, Woo-hyun fumbled insistently around Yoo-hwa’s lower body.

He didn’t think of anything.

Who they were, what they did, what kind of relationship they had.

Excited as an animal, Woo-hyun was deeply immersed in this state.


Although Yoo-hwa hurriedly stopped him, Woo-hyun’s face was already between her legs.

Yoo-hwa, who was trying to hold out somehow, closed her legs without realizing it.

However, she could not overcome Woo-hyun’s strength, who was already spreading her thighs.

There was a wet sound that she heard for the first time.

Amid the pleasure tangled up with a slight fear and confusion, she felt some kind of sensation coming from her lower body.

The surprised Yoo-hwa tried to pull her butt back without realizing it, but she couldn’t move because she was held in place by Woo-hyun.

“… Nn, hnghh.”

An uncontrollable moan burst out.

It was a pleasant feeling that was close to pain.

It was so vivid that she wondered if the nerves of her whole body had concentrated in one place.

The tongue that pushed deeper and deeper inside her, the hands that groped her thighs, and even the tip of his nose that occasionally touched her clitoris.

When Woo-hyun looked up, his lips glistened.

Yoo-hwa, who knew what that was, couldn’t bear to look at him for a long time.

Her wet lower body soon cooled down as the cold air touched it.

However, she didn’t even have a chance to understand the situation.

“… Ah!”

A finger pushed inside.

Yoo-hwa gripped the pillow.

Her body trembled.

It was an unfamiliar pain, completely different from the previous one.

At that moment, Woo-hyun stopped.


Woo-hyun called Yoo-hwa in a low voice.

Then, Yoo-hwa’s eyes, which were staring at the ceiling, slowly turned to him.

Understanding the worry on Woo-hyun’s face, Yoo-hwa reached out and grabbed his hand.

Even though she only grabbed his fingers, her hand was full.

Yoo-hwa, who was silently looking at that, met Woo-hyun’s gaze once again.

“… Do it.”

Yoo-hwa spoke in a hoarse voice.

When no reaction came back from Woo-hyun, Yoo-hwa continued, her chest thumping.

“Just do it.”

There was no shaking in Yoo-hwa’s moist eyes.

“It won’t hurt me.”

It was clearly a lie.

A lie that both the person speaking it and the person listening to it knew was a lie.

Woo-hyun’s expression quickly changed.

His expression disappeared completely after a quick flash of frustration, obstinacy, and other unreadable emotions.

Instead of answering, he lowered his head and kissed Yoo-hwa’s lips.

His fingers pushed inside and moved around.

Soon, something thick touched the place where his fingers had disappeared.

He pushed inside, slowly.

“Nng… Hnng.”

Yoo-hwa suddenly came to her senses at the stronger stiffness than she had been prepared for.

All her previous excitement and pleasure escaped like a low tide, and, in that spot, only a pain that made her legs tremble remained.

Her body seemed to split in half.

“… Aah, hnnhg.”

A pained moan escaped through her lips.

Woo-hyun kissed the moaning Yoo-hwa’s lips.

Yoo-hwa’s pained noises flowed into Woo-hyun’s mouth.

His face crumpled as he took it all.

Woo-hyun’s waist moved.

Something hard and soft escaped from her body, and then pushed in deeply again.

He thrusted his body as if he wanted to go as deeply as possible.

Surprisingly, the pain, which seemed to be endless, started to subside little by little.

The pain disappeared from Yoo-hwa’s face, and only a faint expression remained.

Amid the shaking, Yoo-hwa looked at Woo-hyun.

The hand holding her own hand, the broad shoulders, the straight collarbones, and the arms that stretched out beautifully beneath that.

Everything was like a picture.

Yoo-hwa reached out her hand and carefully wrapped it around Woo-hyun’s shoulders.

His shoulders, which she touched, were firmly hardened.

As if trying to melt them, Yoo-hwa touched them with a calm touch.

Woo-hyun’s jaw stood out, perhaps because he was clenching his teeth.

He looked at Yoo-hwa for a moment, and then his movement got faster.

Yoo-hwa’s hand slipped from his shoulder.

She grabbed his arm, like someone who was trying to hold on to something before they fell.

“… Ah, aah.


As if blaming her relaxation, Yoo-hwa’s eyes closed as Woo-hyun’s movement became more violent.

Woo-hyun looked down at Yoo-hwa.

Precisely, he looked at Yoo-hwa’s hand grabbing his arm.

Yoo-hwa, who never touched anyone first, was holding on tightly to him.

Pushing through her fear, with sincerity.

Frowning, Woo-hyun turned his gaze to the other side as if it was unbearable.

Yoo-hwa’s body was sweet.

Even though he knew he couldn’t use this expression for a human body, he could only express it like this.

It was sweet, soft, and warm.

To the extent that he wondered if she was the same person from before, full of wariness.

So, unlike usual, he was excited, and his body rushed to feel the intense pleasure.

Although it was good like this, he couldn’t figure out why.

Why his mood was so bad.


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