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As soon as Executive Director Kim left, Woo-hyun, whose expression had changed, took off his jacket and threw it to the floor.

Seeing his expensive jacket scattered on the floor, his subordinate quietly picked it up.

“Throw it away.”

At Woo-hyun’s order, the man threw it into the trash without much reaction.

Throwing away anything that was touched by Executive Director Kim was a habit of Woo-hyun.

He acted as if he was someone buried in filth.

“Get up.”

As Woo-hyun spoke, while unbuttoning his shirt and rolling up the hem of his cuffs, Jun-kyung stumbled up.

“Report it.”

At Woo-hyun’s words, Jun-kyung wiped the blood with one hand and opened his mouth.

It was not easy to speak with a mouth swollen from the beating, but he tried to speak as properly as possible.

“At around 8:30, Executive Director Kim came to me and told me to report right away where you were, so I told him that you were on your way to work.

Since you still hadn’t appeared at around 9 o’clock, he told me to contact you, but because I couldn’t reach you, he said he would discipline me because I’m your assistant.”

After that, the situation turned into what it was.

Although Jun-kyung didn’t add anything more, Woo-hyun fully understood.

The chairman left an important part of the new business in Woo-hyun’s hands, so it was clear that he came to give him an example.

Woo-hyun clicked his tongue at his subtle actions.

“Go to the hospital.”

“I’m fine.”


When Woo-hyun urged him once again, Jun-kyung, who had no way to refuse, nodded reluctantly.

“… I understand.

I’ll go as soon as the office is clean.”

While staring at Jun-kyung’s face, Woo-hyun called the men standing outside and let them clean up the office.

“Throw it all away.”

When he told them to throw away all his belongings, the men’s eyes widened.

“And check it.”

Woo-hyun’s fingers reached the floor, the ceiling, the sofa, etc.

Only when he told them to check if there was a bugging device installed did they understand why he was asking them to throw away his things.

It meant that since they didn’t know which of these items were switched, or if there was a chip planted somewhere, they should dispose of everything.

Woo-hyun sat down after scanning the entire room with a wiretapping monitoring device.

Although it didn’t make a noise inside the room, a notification sound came up from the items they had piled up to throw away.

As Woo-hyun made a movement with his head, his men dragged the trash out.

Even after everyone else left, Jun-kyung kept his position.

Woo-hyun, who was sitting on the sofa, looked at Jun-kyung standing beside him.

“Tell me.

Aren’t you standing there because you have something to say”

At Woo-hyun’s words, Jun-kyung opened his mouth as if he had been waiting.

“It looks like the Executive Director has found out something.

Whether he got wind of Kim Yi-woon, he has been going around and searching.

I took extra care not to let it leak to the outside, so I don’t know where he got it from.”

Woo-hyun leaned his indifferent face forward as he heard Jun-kyung’s report.

He thought about it for a moment, with an expression that made it impossible to know what he was thinking, and then opened his mouth.

“I’m surprised that Executive Director Kim has that much capability.”

A cold voice flowed out.

Although it seemed like he was looking down on him, it was an extremely objective evaluation from Woo-hyun’s point of view.

There were rumors that Executive Director Kim was in charge of external affairs and that Woo-hyun was in charge of internal affairs, but most people had been in this business for a long time and there was no one who didn’t know.

Kim had no ability to gather information, win people over, and manage his surroundings, so Woo-hyun had no other choice but to be in charge of internal affairs.

Looking at Woo-hyun’s history of previous activities, he was never only in charge of internal affairs.

“If Executive Director Kim…”

Woo-hyun blurred the end of his words.

His gaze turned sharp.

“Put more people on Kim Yoo-hwa.”

Jun-kyung stared at him with a puzzled expression at the abrupt command.

“We have people keeping watch.”

“Put more protective personnel.”

Jun-kyung had a stunned face for a moment at the unexpected words.

“Who will come out if he finds Kim Yi-woon”

Woo-hyun asked quietly.

Only then did Jun-kyung make an expression of realization.

Even if Kim was incompetent, the experience he had in this business would be sufficient to find out about Yoo-hwa.

Due to the nature of Executive Director Kim, it was unknown what he would do with Yoo-hwa.

Since Woo-hyun was someone who did what he had set his mind on, no matter at what cost, there was no way he wanted this to be taken away by the executive director.

“I understand.

I will ask them to watch her as closely as possible.

I will make sure they stand by and report it in case people from Executive Director Kim’s side come.

And to avoid conflict as much as possible…”

“Tell them to do it.”


“I’ll take responsibility.”

Woo-hyun added, expressionlessly.

Jun-kyung stared at him with an unfamiliar expression.

He wondered if it was necessary to go that far.

Within this organization, Executive Director Kim was the person who was the most difficult for Woo-hyun to handle.

When he confronted him head-on, Woo-hyun became tired in many ways.

Although, of course, he wasn’t someone whom he couldn’t defeat, due to Woo-hyun’s principles to avoid spilling unnecessary blood, this decision was unexpected.


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