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Busily putting on an overcoat, Yoo-hwa hurriedly came down the stone steps and put on her shoes.

As she opened the door and went out, the yard was empty.

She looked at Woo-hyun’s house, wondering if he had gone home, but the lights were turned off.

Quickly grasping the situation, Yoo-hwa urgently opened the gate and faced the empty alley.

The cold winter breeze wiped out any indication of a presence.


Yoo-hwa’s shoulders slackened down with a long sigh.

Sweeping away her hair, which got tangled by the wind, Yoo-hwa looked down at the road where Woo-hyun must have gone.

“… I couldn’t even say goodbye.”

A tone of regret that she couldn’t conceal flowed out.

Turning around helplessly, Yoo-hwa’s gaze unconsciously turned to her shoes.


A shriek came out from between Yoo-hwa’s lips.

The butterfly knot on her sneaker had come loose.

With an astonished face, Yoo-hwa looked only at the loosened laces of her sneaker.

The shoelace fluttered at the strong blowing wind, and soon drooped to the ground.


Jun-kyung looked out of the car window, where the darkness had settled, and thought that this road was still unfamiliar.

It was the second day after Woo-hyun, who had been heading to Yoo-hwa’s house without missing a day, started returning to his own house.

He didn’t know if it was to avoid the executive director’s attention, or if he had any change of heart; Woo-hyun didn’t say anything about Yoo-hwa except ‘Increase the number of security personnel.’, so it was difficult to understand his mind.

It was even more so because his words were short, and there was usually no change in his expression.

The spectacular night view quickly passed outside the car window.

By the time the splendor had disappeared, the car entered a secluded alley.

Woo-hyun was about to arrive home when his phone rang.

Unlike the usual vibration, a calm ringtone was heard.

Jun-kyung’s shoulders stiffened in tension, knowing who the call was from.


I understand.”

Woo-hyun easily ended the call.

“Go to Unnam-dong.”

However, the place he mentioned was not a place that could be easily visited.


Jun-kyung answered and instructed the driver to speed up.

The driver drove away quickly and headed for Unnam-dong.

The huge mansion in Unnam-dong looked even bigger in the dark night.

Looking at Woo-hyun’s back as he went inside the house alone, thinking it was because of the owner’s influence, Jun-kyung said, “Have a safe trip.”.

After Woo-hyun disappeared completely, he looked up at the mansion in silence.

The house in Unnam-dong could only be entered by authorized people.

However, even if he was invited there, Jun-kyung did not want to go inside.

The moment he crossed the door of the mansion in Unnam-dong, it was a world where the owner’s words were the law.

In other words, he did not know when, how, or what he would go through depending on the owner’s mood.

Recalling Woo-hyun, who always went inside with unwavering resolution, Jun-kyung was amazed once more.


Sitting in the middle of the main room, which was two times wider than a living room of respectable size, Woo-hyun looked at the same place for 30 minutes.

Although the report was over, it was a place where he could not move unless the other person told him to leave.

In front of him, an old gray-haired man in a white modernized hanbok was carefully wiping an old dagger with a dry towel.

He wiped it once, reflected it in the light, wiped it again, and then reflected it in the light again to see if there were any marks left.

Even though there was no dust left, the old man repeatedly wiped the same spot as if it wasn’t to his liking.

The seemingly obsessive behavior continued endlessly, but Woo-hyun merely waited, in silence.

Woo-hyun knew what the dagger the chairman was holding was.

It was the dagger that the chairman used to kill someone for the first time in his youth.

Could it be called a dagger It was just a knife, but the chairman changed the knife’s handle and trimmed the blade to make it straight.

Like himself, who became a respectable chairman in this business.

Wiping the dagger after the report meant that the chairman had something to say to him.


The chairman called his name, still staring at the dagger.


Woo-hyun answered, not slow, not fast.

“What are you doing these days”

It sounded like he was simply asking for his regards, but the words in it were not simple at all.

As the chairman bent his wrist, the light reflected on the blade touched Woo-hyun’s face.

Woo-hyun squinted his eyes at the strong light, but didn’t close them.

“I apologize.”

“What are you apologizing for”

“I wasted a lot of time on personal matters.”

Woo-hyun was straightforward.

He could hide it from the others, but he couldn’t hide it from the chairman.

Most of his schedules were shared with the chairman.

Lying to him was a dangerous move.

The chairman bent his wrist back to its original position.

Naturally, the light that was being reflected on Woo-hyun also disappeared.

The chairman shifted his gaze from the dagger and stared at Woo-hyun.

The two eyes on his handsome face were hard as a stone, and still.

To the point that he was calm, no matter what.

Given that people were mostly fearful or compliant in front of him, he seemed to be very courageous.

The reality was that they were eyes that came from emptiness after he abandoned himself.


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