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“I won’t touch your sister and mother.

Even if you die working for me, I will keep my promise.”


“Think about it.

Until you come back to get stabbed again.

If I were you, I would just come under me and work without getting stabbed.”

Just like he did.

He turned around, laughing.

Woo-hyun came to him immediately on the day he was discharged, and worked under him ever since.

For Woo-hyun, the only weak point was his sister.

He also tried to protect his mother because he loved his sister very much.

However, while he was worried that Woo-hyun would leave after his sister died, seeing that he had no more reason to protect his mother, he thought he would continue working by inertia.

It had not been long since his trajectory had changed a bit.

Exactly as he started living in the ridiculous redevelopment zone.

Woo-hyun’s atmosphere was strangely different, as if a wave had crashed into his tranquil life.

The chairman, who sensitively noticed it, squinted his eyes.


The chairman calmly called Woo-hyun.

“Go ahead.”

Woo-hyun lowered his eyes out of courtesy.

Looking at the floor, his eyes were calm as ever.

But to him, he looked like an egg.

An egg that was constantly changing inside, even though it remained unchanged on the outside.

It seemed like it was going to crack at some point, and something was going to pop out.

Whether it was a blessing or a nightmare, it was impossible to know until it woke up.

The chairman carefully put the lustrous dagger in the case he had manufactured.

“You have to look at the bigger picture.”

The chairman’s voice was as usual.

“If you run in that direction because the wind is blowing, you’ll fall into a trap.

But if you run against it, you’ll run out of breath.”

However, the weight of his words was different.

“Leave now.”

Woo-hyun stood up at the chairman’s words.

Woo-hyun, who came out with his head down like a habit, reflected on the chairman’s words in his head.

The chairman has never been the kind of person who simply told him something.

He talked in circles and made him think about it for a long time.

To look at the bigger picture…

Woo-hyun, who opened the gate of the huge mansion while thinking about all kinds of things, approached the car that was still parked.


Jun-kyung, who was standing next to the car after stepping out of the passenger seat, was more urgent than usual.

Woo-hyun got inside the car without a word.

The air inside the car was dense.

“Tell me.”

A while after leaving the mansion, Woo-hyun spoke.

Only then did Jun-kyung turn his head.

Unlike usual, he looked impatient and awkward.

It had been a long time since Jun-kyung had looked at him like this.

“Kim Yi-woon has been found.”

Woo-hyun’s complexion changed at the report that finally arrived.

Although his eyes and mouth only changed a little, a cold energy flowed from his whole body.

Jun-kyung swallowed dry and opened his mouth.

“However… He was found dead.”

The lips that were reporting the worst were infinitely heavy.


– Do you know Kim Yi-woon

It was late in the evening when a call came from a number she had never seen before.

Yoo-hwa, who had been dozing off for a while, hurriedly answered the phone, thinking it might be a job-related call.

Her eyes opened suddenly as she heard the name Kim Yi-woon.

At the same time, she got shivers in her back.

She rubbed her arm with her hand and pondered over it.

She didn’t know whether to say she knew him or not.

She didn’t open her mouth for a while because nothing good had ever come from being involved with Yi-woon.

As if there was no time to wait for Yoo-hwa’s silence and troubles, the other person hurriedly spoke.

– Miss Kim Yoo-hwa

The other person called her name.


Yoo-hwa, who replied reflexively, bit her lips tightly.

She should have stayed silent, but it was too late to regret that.

As soon as he noticed that she was Yoo-hwa, the caller spoke as if he had been waiting.

– Kim Yi-woon’s dead body was found on the beach.

To confirm…

The other person’s fast-talking voice roared.

Although his voice was clear, she couldn’t understand it.

It was as if she had an unmanageable-sized piece of food inside her mouth that she couldn’t chew.

Yoo-hwa, who wasn’t in her right mind, got up and wandered around the room in thought; then, she hurriedly grabbed her phone and wallet and headed to the hospital morgue.

Yoo-hwa, who had confirmed it was Yi-woon, was retching.

Yi-woon, who was swollen from being in the sea, had a face she didn’t recognize, yet, at the same time, it was a face she knew.

After telling the police that it did seem to be Yi-woon, she ran to the bathroom and felt sick again.

She then talked to the policeman who had come after her, and heard about the situation.

When a man who was fishing in Busan found Yi-woon, who was pushed into the breakwater, he called the police.

He said it took a while to figure out his identity because he had nothing on him that could identify him, including his identification card.

He thought he was someone with no relatives or friends, but after checking with the orphanage where Yi-woon stayed, they said he had an older sister who used to live with him.

He then contacted her to confirm his identity.


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