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Even so, Woo-hyun was not greedy.

Such cases were the most difficult to deal with, and, at the same time, the most terrifying.

Since he didn’t know how he would change if he had something to be greedy about.

As Tae-won wondered what it was, he blurted the words he had prepared.

“By the way, how is Executive Director Kim”


I don’t see him often because I’m busy, but he is well.”

“That’s right.

You must be busy.

You regularly work on things that you don’t have to.

Without even knowing if it’s life-threatening.

Your Chairman too, he’s really…”

Woo-hyun’s eyes sharpened.

Though he seemed to be speaking lightly, there were no words that did not carry any meaning.

Despite not having any interest in Executive Director Kim, Tae-won mentioned him.

Woo-hyun thought about what he had said about him.

Even if it was Tae-won, who had all kinds of information, he didn’t know as much as the chairman he served.

They had ears and eyes everywhere.

He waited for Tae-won to continue speaking, but he quietly lifted his teacup and moistened his lips.

At the movement to omit any further talk, Woo-hyun did not ask more.

“It looks like I’ve taken too much of your precious time.”

A good-looking smile appeared on Woo-hyun’s face.

Knowing it was a fabricated smile, Tae-won stared quietly at the face that attracted the other person’s favor.


This old man has taken your time.

See you again.”

“Call me anytime and I’ll come.”


I will remember that and contact you soon.”

At Tae-won’s words, Woo-hyun realized that he knew his phone number from the beginning.

No, it didn’t make sense that he didn’t know it from the beginning.

Tae-won was that kind of person.

If he decided to, every time he changed his phone number, Tae-won would know.

Even so, Tae-won contacted Woo-hyun through the chairman, requesting to meet without conflict.

And by saying he would get in touch soon, he meant he would endure that conflict to some extent.

“You can also contact me first.”

Woo-hyun stopped as he was turning around.

“If there is anything I can do for you.”

In return, he would have to give back that much.

With an added interest.

Woo-hyun, who knew the nature of this place well enough, didn’t show any emotion.


Thank you.”

He just politely gave his regards once again.

After stepping out of Tae-won’s magnificent mansion, Woo-hyun did not look back and got inside the car that was waiting.

Following Woo-hyun’s silence, the car headed for his house.

Sitting in the back seat of the car, Woo-hyun closed his eyes silently.

Jun-kyung, who knew that he wasn’t sleeping, but that he was concentrating and deep in thought, kept his mouth closed and his gaze forward.

“Any news on Executive Director Kim’s place of business”

Woo-hyun asked after a while.


He is currently maintaining five of his businesses consistently.

He is trying to expand, but there is nowhere to expand to…”

“Take care of some of them.”

“… Sorry”

Jun-kyung looked back at him, with an expression as if he had heard something wrong.

He met Woo-hyun’s bright eyes, who was sitting in the back seat, straight away.

Jun-kyung swallowed dry.

“All you have to do is take care of them alternately, without anyone knowing.

Just to get his attention.”

It meant that, while he was getting distracted, there was something else to be done.

“But if Executive Director Kim finds out…”

“That’s why you need to make sure he doesn’t know.”

“… I understand.”

“And do a background investigation on Kim Yi-woon again.”

“I understand.”

Woo-hyun kept its mouth closed and dwelled on the conversation with Tae-won.

No matter how much he thought about it, it was suspicious for Tae-won to mention Executive Director Kim.

He heard that he didn’t talk about anything except what he was interested in.

He didn’t have to ask his regards in front of him.

It was like someone trying to give a hint.

Was the conversation really about Executive Director Kim

In that case, what was Executive Director Kim doing

A sharp thought crossed his mind.

Executive Director Kim… And Kim Yi-woon.

There weren’t just one or two things that were questionable about Kim Yi-woon.

Although he couldn’t find him at all, he found out his name and sent him a letter, which meant that he was secretly keeping an eye on Yoo-hwa.

So, it was impossible unless someone hid behind the scenes and handed over information about Yoo-hwa.

The problem was that Yi-woon had no one who would be so devoted to him.

Then, that means there was a deal…

Suddenly, the Chairman’s words came to his mind.

“You have to look at the bigger picture.”

“If you run in that direction because the wind is blowing, you’ll fall into a trap.

 But if you run against it, you’ll run out of breath.”

Look at the bigger picture…

It was clear that Executive Director Kim knew he was looking for Kim Yi-woon, followed him, and interfered.

If Executive Director Kim had found Kim Yi-woon first, he should have brought him to him and demanded a reward.

But Executive Director Kim found Kim Yi-woon first, whom even he couldn’t find, and killed him

This was impossible.

Finding information and tracking things was something that he did better than him.

Even if he did kill him, he had no reason to do it.

So what if Executive Director Kim had already known Kim Yi-woon for a long time and had hidden him from the beginning

Why would Executive Director Kim hide Kim Yi-woon If he knew about Kim Yi-woon, he should have known about Eun-soo too…

Having reached that point, Woo-hyun surprisingly stopped.

What if his goal from the beginning was Eun-soo

What if everything had been Executive Director Kim’s plan from the start


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