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“That’s enough for me.

I don’t expect to spend more time with you.

I don’t know if you’re feeling pressure or discomfort or anything right now, but don’t worry about it.



“… Don’t come here anymore.”

Yoo-hwa’s words pushed Woo-hyun.

Looking at Woo-hyun, who was stiff like a person who had heard something unexpected, Yoo-hwa spoke with all her might.

“I know it would be funny to say this when you helped me again today… If you do this, I get confused.”

“… How can I ignore you when you’re like this”

Woo-hyun snapped.

She thought the cold Woo-hyun in front of her was able to ignore her enough, but Woo-hyun was saying he couldn’t.

Yoo-hwa, who thought it could be annoying and disgusting to see some woman holding on to the items that were no longer his, quickly opened her mouth.

“I’m not going to live forever in the memories I have with you either.

I just wanted to send them away after organizing them nice and tidy.

It won’t last long.

So, leave me alone until then.”

She wanted to have a proper parting.

Not just a heartbreaking breakup…

Since it was a good love that she met for the first time in a long time.

“Take care.”

Yoo-hwa smiled, her eyes filled with tears.

As if she wanted her last appearance to be like this.

In front of that straight face, as if she had practiced, Woo-hyun knew that today was the day to properly say goodbye.

The day she would say the words contained in her heart and put an end to it.

The day to part ways.


It was a cruel torture.

Jun-kyung thought as he looked at the sight in front of him.

The man sitting in the chair, tied up with a rope, had fainted.

The blood coming from him colored the white space.

The red blood that started to spread more and more eventually reached Jun-kyung’s shoes, who was standing at a distance.

Jun-kyung took a step back as if he was uncomfortable and looked at the fainted man.

Jun-kyung, who knew better than anyone that human lives didn’t end so easily even though he seemed to be dead, looked indifferently at the man, who was drooping while in a passed-out state.

Then, his eyes turned to Woo-hyun, who was sitting in a crouching position.

Woo-hyun stared at the bleeding man as if he were a sculpture.

He seemed to be lost in other thoughts without feeling any sense of guilt for making him like that.

As he spun the knife in his hand, blood dripped from the black leather gloves Woo-hyun was wearing.

It was unusual for Woo-hyun to use his own hands.

As he began to meet people under the direction of the chairman, he only observed it, saying that there should be no smell of blood, but he did not take action personally.

However, Jun-kyung knew that Woo-hyun observing it was just an excuse.

Woo-hyun had a brutal attitude, so much that even the chairman praised him, but he didn’t like using a knife.

He only did it because it was necessary.

Someone like that had spontaneously picked up the knife.

Then, he made a hole in the human body, to the point it would be horrible to see when he opened his eyes.

But just enough not to die.

Jun-kyung felt both admiration and fear.

But why did Woo-hyun pick up the knife

He couldn’t pinpoint it exactly, but it was definitely because of Yoo-hwa.

After meeting Yoo-hwa, Woo-hyun was subtly different from before.

He, who was good at making expressions he had never seen before and always moved indifferently, started acting impulsively.

He was anxious because he couldn’t figure Woo-hyun out for the first time.

Whether he had finished thinking, Woo-hyun slowly got up.

“Take care of him when he wakes up.”

Woo-hyun threw the blood-soaked knife on the floor.

It was also an intentional action.

When the man opened his eyes and saw the knife, he would think two things.

He would be shocked and terrified to find out he had been stabbed with that, and, over time, he would wonder if there was any way he could pick it up.

Though in any case, the knife would pierce the man’s body again.

“Is there nothing more you want to find out about”

“How can I, when the bastard is passed out”

He was so unconscious that he wouldn’t wake up even if water was poured over him.

He seemed to have no intention of waiting at all.

“How should I handle him”

Jun-kyung usually took care of it on his own, but he felt like he had to ask this time.

Woo-hyun made a light gesture with his chin without even looking at him.

“I understand.”

It meant to sell him to an island or wherever he might be imprisoned, so that he could never live a social life again.

Jun-kyung walked with an indifferent expression, thinking that the man would have such a terrible life in the future that he would wish for death.

“Will you be going home”

Jun-kyung asked as he opened the door, making it easier for Woo-hyun to leave.

Woo-hyun nodded as he walked out at a slower pace than usual.

At first glance, the movement seemed to be weak, but it was a step without gaps.

As Woo-hyun and Jun-kyung stepped out, the members who had been listening to the man’s screams outside the door stood up with stiff expressions.

Their gazes glanced towards the door.

The face of the guy who had joined them not long ago was visibly frozen.

It was a face that showed he didn’t think Woo-hyun would treat someone so cruelly.

In terms of appearance, Woo-hyun seemed more like the kind of person who used his brain instead of his body.


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