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After opening the back seat door so that Woo-hyun could get in comfortably, Jun-kyung got in the driver’s seat.

“I will drive you today.”

“What about the driver”

As Woo-hyun asked what happened to the driver and why he was driving, Jun-kyung, who was holding the steering wheel, answered as if he had been waiting.

“I wanted to drive you today.”

The truth is, if he got on Woo-hyun’s nerves on a day like today, he would get hurt.

They had obtained a trustworthy driver like him after a long time, so Jun-kyung wanted to protect him.

At Jun-kyung’s words, Woo-hyun turned his gaze out of the window without saying anything.

He was silent, not like a man who had just made a person half-dead.

He was serene while the car drove through the road.

Woo-hyun’s gaze was directed outside of the window until they reached his house.

It was different from usual, when he checked the schedule and worked when he had time.

Even after the car stopped, Woo-hyun stood still and looked out the window like an unaware person.

Jun-kyung waited silently.

After quite some time, Woo-hyun’s gaze turned forward.

Noticing that they had arrived at his house after slowly looking around, Woo-hyun pushed the car door and got out.

Pitter-patter, the sound of the rain falling resounded in the surroundings.

Woo-hyun walked with his back to Jun-kyung, who came out to say goodbye.

Jun-kyung’s gaze turned to Woo-hyun’s back, getting farther away.

He was walking quietly and neatly, as always.

Blink, blink.

He waited for one of the lights to repeatedly turn off and on quickly.

Following the flashing lights, Woo-hyun’s back fluttered like a candle in front of the wind.


Standing in front of the door of the house, Woo-hyun scanned through the door locks and gaps, as a habit.

Though he had installed home CCTVs so that he could check for intruders, as if that wasn’t enough, he left a trace that he knew of on the door lock.

He left a fingerprint so that two digits of the password overlapped.

The fingerprints he had left behind were not erased.

That meant that there was no one wearing gloves and messing with the password.

In addition, there was no sign of the door lock being forcibly dismantled, and an alarm would be sent to the security office if the password was incorrect more than three times and he was set to get a phone call at the same time.

Woo-hyun opened the door and entered the house only after confirming until the end that the traces left on the entrance were the same as those left by him.

He could see the rain falling beyond the large window in the living room.

Woo-hyun stood absent-mindedly and gazed out the window.

The dust that had risen in the yard must have settled.

In return, even if you close the door tightly, the smell of rain coming from somewhere will fill the whole house.

On rainy days, he could hear the sound from the house next door exceptionally well.

No matter how quietly she moved, as long as there was someone there, the indication of someone’s presence would surely climb over the wall.

The crackling while cooking rice, the occasional opening of the door, and the rustling of opening drawers.

On rainy days, he sat leaning against the yellowed wall and listened to the sounds of everyday life.

They were so low that it seemed meaningless, but when he heard the peaceful sounds of someone living, the long hours went by quite well.

By comparison, the current time was boring as if he was walking in place.

Sitting on the sofa with bloodied, messed-up clothes, Woo-hyun looked at the book on the table with a dead look.

People, Love

No matter how he looked at it, the title of the book was a combination of words that were irrelevant to him.

“I’m sorry to give you this because it’s an old book… But it’s my favorite book, so I really want to give it to you.

Will you take it”

Yoo-hwa, who grabbed him one day as he was about to leave the house, carefully held out the book.

He tried to refuse, but reluctantly reached out as he saw Yoo-hwa’s desperate gaze staring at him.

Even then, he thought the more he looked at the title, the less he could get used to it.

Yoo-hwa smiled as if she was truly glad that he had accepted the book.

Her refreshingly curved eyes, and the corners of her mouth that were facing upwards for the first time in a while.

Woo-hyun looked at that happy face for a long time.

He couldn’t leave it at home with Yoo-hwa watching him, so he packed it in his bag.

It was only a few days ago that he brought the bag home by chance and found this book again, which he had forgotten that he had received.

Contrary to the desire to throw it away, time passed again as he left it on the table.

“Why are my sneakers here”

Even though he asked Yoo-hwa hastily, the truth is, he didn’t deserve to ask.

Since traces of Kim Yoo-hwa were placed here, imposingly.

“I told them to throw them away.”


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