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At last, dawn came; Yoo-hwa opened the door, came out, and stopped.

She saw a horrible scene that she couldn’t see late at night.

There were old iron bowls and cutlery spread around on the cement floor.

As she slowly lifted her head, she saw the creaking door.

The door closed and opened repeatedly in the blowing wind.

She kept seeing and not seeing the grandma lying down, covered with the things the old lady threw at her, piled up like a mountain, instead of a blanket.


When she couldn’t see the grandma, she saw her at the top of the old door.

Her mother’s figure, staring blankly at the ceiling with her whole body covered with wounds.


As the wind blew, the door opened, and she saw the old woman lying in the same position as her mother.

A person who is alive but has reached beyond despair and has no life inside them.

Yoo-hwa’s heart sank at her miserable appearance, being neither dead nor alive.


Although she couldn’t afford to do that, still…

As if possessed by something, Yoo-hwa entered the old lady’s house.

She quickly removed the things that were on top of the grandma’s body.

Like a child who wanted to save their mother from death.

Bruises were visible on the old woman’s skin, which had thickened like an old tree.

Feeling a lump in her throat, Yoo-hwa pulled up the blanket that was curled up under her feet and covered the grandma.

After tidying up the house, Yoo-hwa cooked porridge at her own house and fed the grandma.

Less than two hours after Yoo-hwa had returned home, the old lady came back.

“Hey! Miss! Did you do this You did.

It was you.

There is no one here who would do such a thing other than you.

Why the hell did you do something useless! Who asked you to!”

Whether she had been drinking heavily somewhere, the old lady shouted with a slurred pronunciation.

She pushed her shoulder hard with her hand, to see whether it would relieve her anger.

“Are you going to take responsibility If you won’t take responsibility, why did you have to do something useless”

It was the criticism she expected.

Because her goodwill always came back like this.

“Then did you want me to leave it as it was”

“Why the hell did you touch someone else’s house!”

“If I had left it like that, the grandma would have passed away.

Is that what you wanted”

The woman flinched at Yoo-hwa’s calm question.

Yoo-hwa’s lips twisted at the hesitancy that was seen for a brief moment.

Who said that humans are good-natured There were so many people in front of her who wanted to kill without feeling guilty.

“Ah! Anyway, you will take responsibility! As I see, the ring that I had in the house has disappeared! Didn’t you steal it while pretending to take care of people No, I’m sure you stole it! I heard that the only person who entered our house was you! Give me the ring while I’m still being nice! Give it to me!”

The woman’s unreasonableness began.

As Yoo-hwa said, ‘Then, report it to the police.’, the woman, who had been spitting unreasonable nonsense, closed her mouth.

After that, the woman tried to entrust the grandma to Yoo-hwa during the day, with a nonsensical reason.

“Looking at you, it seems that you are staying at home all day anyway! I’m asking you to take care of someone in need! How can a young person be so cold-hearted”

“I think you misunderstood what I said yesterday.

I will pay you.

100,000 won.

How is that”

The old lady came to her after a few days and requested.

Although she could have refused, Yoo-hwa didn’t.

She was in a situation where she didn’t do anything anyway, and she was also in need of someone.

Even if it was a crazy old woman.

After eating and burping, Yoo-hwa laid the grandma down and looked silently at her hands.

The wrinkles on her dry hands, full of age spots, moved as she pushed them.

Like waves.

Waves of time.

How many hardships must she have gone through, equaling the number of wrinkles

Yoo-hwa’s hand moved slowly, as if crawling on the floor.

Finally, she reached the grandma’s fingertips, which had become blunt after working a lot.

As she felt the warmth emanating from a living being, Yoo-hwa lowered her eyes.

She didn’t know how long it had been.

Since she got warmth from someone.

Then, as if she had burned herself, Yoo-hwa was startled and removed her hand.

Although she was afraid that the grandma would regain consciousness and stare at her in surprise, she was also surprised at herself, who unconsciously craved warmth.

Yoo-hwa, who rolled her hands inside, said, ‘I’ll wash the dishes and come back.’, and hurriedly headed to the kitchen.

As she leaned against the simple sink, there was a creaking sound, and Yoo-hwa quickly straightened her back.

She wiped her face, entangled with emptiness and suffering, with a dry hand.

Her heart was pounding.

Was it because of Sin Woo-hyun, who suddenly appeared

“That sentence, ‘The only thing that could embrace the shadow was a shadow.'”

Or was it because of what Sin Woo-hyun said

“Don’t you think it’s perfect for this situation”

Maybe it was because of the current situation.


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