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“As you said, we might be able to catch Kim Yi-woon.

But I don’t want to waste one second.”

Woo-hyun’s eyes gleamed with a peaceful madness.

“I don’t like the fact that that bastard is breathing for even just one more second.”


He deceived his sister.

The helplessness that he wasn’t aware of until his younger sister, who used to sing about hope, made the worst choice, turned into anger.

“With that said, I don’t think my anger will disappear if I leave it to someone else.”

“Then I will find out where Kim Yi-woon is, even if I have to stalk her.”

“You said that Kim Yi-woon is approaching her one-sidedly.

I’m doing this because you couldn’t find him despite looking all over for him.

Isn’t that right”

Jun-kyung’s eyebrows hardened at Woo-hyun, who refuted his words one by one.

That wasn’t the only reason, but Woo-hyun didn’t explain it in detail.

“So, if you don’t want me to stay there, either bring Kim Yi-woon to me right now or shut up.”

As he spoke in a calm voice, but with a warning that this was his last explanation, Jun-kyung kept his mouth shut.

“… I apologize.”

Jun-kyung bowed his head and apologized.

Heading towards the gate where the woman entered, Woo-hyun suddenly thought of that time.

He wondered if he could have avoided this kind of situation if he had listened to Jun-kyung.

Then he quickly stopped thinking about it.

Because him listening to Jun-kyung was something that would have never happened.


“Is it today already Whew.”

As soon as Woo-hyun pushed the gate and stepped inside, he heard an old woman’s lament.

In front of him, Yoo-hwa was standing with her head bowed down like a criminal.

The flowing hair covered her face like a curtain.

“How does time go by so quickly I forgot.”

Contrary to her quick words, she took her time looking through her wallet.

She took out a few bills from a wallet with a designer brand logo that looked like a fake at first glance.

“I’m sorry.

What should I do I only have this much right now.”

Contrary to her words, the lady didn’t look apologetic at all.

She was making a face that seemed to ask, ‘Are you going to take this’, while she waved the bills that weren’t even worth tens of thousands of won.

Yoo-hwa held out her hand without saying a word.

Then, the lady’s expression wrinkled horribly.

It was a face that said she didn’t know that she was going to take the money.

However, it was something she had said, and she couldn’t pretend it didn’t happen now, so she handed her the money with a sigh.



As soon as their hands touched, the lady screamed and threw the money.

The lady held her hand as if it had been scorched in a fire and glared at Yoo-hwa.

Her gaze was a mixture of displeasure, disgust, and fear.

“Why are you holding my hand! This sucks!”

She bumped her hand by mistake, but the lady blamed Yoo-hwa for it.

“Anyway, I will give you the rest of the money later, just so you know.

And be careful not to bump into me! Gosh, how unlucky am I today…”

The lady, who spoke to herself in a way that was audible, walked past Yoo-hwa.

The money was blown away by the wind and scattered everywhere.

The lady, who was walking by as if she didn’t care because it wasn’t her money anymore, flinched as she saw the man who had just entered through the front gate.

She naturally thought no one would be there.

Well, it’s been a long time since someone came to this multi-unit house.

The man was unusually tall and had sharp eyes and a slender jawline.

He had a strange atmosphere to him, so he was a very handsome man.

The lady’s gaze, scanning Woo-hyun up and down, became vague.

Then, throwing a glance at Yoo-hwa, she shook his head.

It was clear that there was a strange misunderstanding.

But Woo-hyun didn’t get it right away.

He just hoped that this old lady would disappear from his eyes as soon as possible, without being needlessly nosy.

After feeling the stinging attitude coming from Woo-hyun, the lady flinched and hurriedly left the house.

While the old lady walked away with loud footsteps, Yoo-hwa, as if she couldn’t hear anything, crouched and started picking up the 10,000 won bills one by one.

Her long, slender fingers swept the cracked cement floor and picked up the bills.

Slowly, like picking up something precious.

Yoo-hwa picked up a total of five bills and looked around.

While checking to see if she had missed any money, she stopped when he came upon Woo-hyun’s sneakers.

After seeing that his sneakers were walking towards her, Yoo-hwa raised her head in surprise, as if she had only now realized that there was someone there.


Woo-hyun handed a 10,000 won bill to Yoo-hwa, who had just met his gaze.

Although Yoo-hwa saw the banknote she had been looking for, she did not reach out her hand easily.

Meanwhile, Woo-hyun smiled, slowly.

With a gentle face that was good to win people’s favor.


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