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Even If It’s Not Love

Vi5-6 minutes 15.01.2022

Eun-soo was special to Woo-hyun.

She was the only one who shared his blood after his father died, and was the one who included him in the scope of their family.

At the same time, she was also his life.

Because she was a child who saved him while he shoved his life through the mud.

Having pushed Eun-soo into despair, it was as if he had broken a part of Woo-hyun’s life.

Woo-hyun’s rationality was completely blown away by the fact that it was broken more desperately and painfully than he thought.

His face turned pale, and his fingers stiffened.

Barely clenching his fists, Woo-hyun’s eyes moved silently.

His heart, which had been shaken by Yoo-hwa, took root once again, brutally.

His mother fell asleep, and the struggling nurse and doctor caught their breaths.

“Please take care of my mother.”

Woo-hyun said to the nurse, turning his back on his sleeping mother.

“I’m sorry, but I think a guardian should stay here at all times.”

The nurse thought about it and carefully said with a troubled expression.

She was careful to say this because the man in front of her didn’t look ordinary, but if she didn’t do it and something went wrong, she would be in trouble.

The nurse, who had finished speaking, kept glancing at Woo-hyun without realizing it.

Even after his mother collapsed, there was no emotion on Woo-hyun’s pale face.

She felt an eerie atmosphere coming from the man, who only made the movements he had to do without any superfluousness, and instinctively hunched her shoulders.

“I’ll put a caregiver here.

In the meantime, my acquaintance will also be here, so you can tell him if you need anything.”

Woo-hyun pointed to Jun-kyung, who had come up behind him when he heard the horrible shriek.

“Yes, I understand.”



“When my mother wakes up, please tell her this.”

“… Tell her what”

“That I will do as she said.”


“So I want her to take care of herself.”

The nurse could not answer Woo-hyun’s words, which he spoke with dead eyes.


“A-ack! Aargh!”

The man screamed and collapsed in the middle of the floor of a room that was white on all sides.

Three of his fingers had been twisted into a bizarre shape.

A large man approached the tied man with heavy steps and grabbed a fourth finger.

“I r-r-really don’t know! I don’t know!”

The man shook his head like a madman, with tears and snot running down his face.

Fresh blood mixed with saliva trickled down his lips.

Woo-hyun gazed at the man, who had an unsightly appearance, and gestured.

Then, the large man grabbed the man’s fourth finger, and soon there was a snapping sound.

Even the fourth finger was twisted in a bizarre way.

“Ah… Aaargh!”

The man whose fourth finger was broken screamed.

Jun-kyung, who had put someone else next to Woo-hyun’s mother and had returned to his side, frowned.

It was an unnecessary act for someone like Woo-hyun.

The man who was being held was Yi-woon’s most recent contact.

The man had known Yi-woon for a long time, and although there was evidence that he had met him a while ago, it wasn’t something that would be confirmed by breaking all his fingers like this.

The reason why the rationality that Woo-hyun had been briefly holding on to disappeared completely was because of the gold ring on the man’s hand.

The ring belonged to Eun-soo, who sang that she wanted to give it to someone she loved.

Yi-woon took it and sold it to the man for a few ten thousand won in cash.

To make matters worse, Woo-hyun caught sight of him while he was forcibly molesting a woman of Eun-soo’s age.

The woman, who thanked him while crying, grabbed the collar of her clothes and ran away quickly.

As he saw that, Woo-hyun’s vision turned so blurry that it was the first time Jun-kyung was seeing him like this.

Jun-kyung bit the inside of his mouth, and while he was unable to do anything, the door opened and Do-wan came in.


Do-wan, who quietly approached Jun-kyung’s side, handed him a cell phone.

The phone belonged to the man whose fingers had been broken and was having a breakdown due to fatigue.

Like someone who knew he was being watched, Yi-woon borrowed the man’s cell phone and made a call somewhere, then deleted the call history and disappeared.

Most of the phone calls from the past few days were spam calls and saved numbers, but there was only one number that was not saved.

“It has been recovered.”

While Jun-kyung handed the cell phone to Woo-hyun, the man’s tenth and final finger broke.

The man, whose ten fingers were bizarrely twisted back, collapsed while screaming in agony.

Realizing that he had made it so that the man could no longer molest or sexually harass anyone, which he used to do frequently, with his hands, Jun-kyung clicked his tongue inwardly.

Receiving the phone, Woo-hyun quietly stared at the screen.

Unlike the expectation that he would tell him to call the number, or say something else, Woo-hyun didn’t say anything.

As if it was a number he knew.

When the screen turned off, Woo-hyun’s face, looking down, was reflected in it.

There was only calmness on his face, making it impossible to know what he was thinking.


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