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He needed to make her hurt more.

That way, Kim Yi-woon will hear it and come here.

Seeing her horribly falling apart will hurt him to death.

That’s what he was here for.

Woo-hyun recalled the man with broken fingers.

He despised the man, who used to manipulate women, but now that he came to think about it, he wondered if he deserved it.

Even if he’s holding and shaking the heart of a person covered with wounds until they break in order to hurt another person.

Woo-hyun, who smiled in self-reproach, tilted his head and slowly approached Yoo-hwa.

Yoo-hwa’s eyes shook like a ship being hit by the wind and waves.

Is it okay to drop anchor here, or should she leave

However, like a ship that forgot how to leave, Yoo-hwa stood there blankly.

Her gaze tangled with anticipation and fear reached him, and, as if answering her, Woo-hyun’s lips headed towards Yoo-hwa’s.

Woo-hyun’s tongue slipped through the cold lips that could neither open nor close.

He sucked as he made his way inside Yoo-hwa’s moist mouth.

Woo-hyun wrapped his hand around the back of her neck so that Yoo-hwa could not step back.

Their lips touched without a single gap, like puzzle pieces being matched.

Yoo-hwa, who had been frozen without knowing what to do, raised her hand and grabbed Woo-hyun’s sleeve.

At that feeble reaction, the thoughts that filled his mind completely ran away.

It was only after the suggestive noises spread in the quiet alley that Yoo-hwa was startled, but she was held by Woo-hyun and couldn’t move away.

One second later, Woo-hyun released his hand and took a step back.

A hot breath leaked through Yoo-hwa’s open lips.

Yoo-hwa panted shallowly and pressed her chest firmly like a person whose heart was hurting.

“I can’t”

With that question, the sound and the wind stopped.

It was as if everything that existed in the world had disappeared.

Although he didn’t say it, Yoo-hwa understood what Woo-hyun was talking about at once.

Yoo-hwa’s lips opened and closed meaninglessly.

She wanted to say something, but she was struggling as if it wasn’t coming out, so she quietly grabbed Woo-hyun’s sleeve.

Then, she carefully took one step closer and stood on the tips of her toes.

After raising her head with all her might, their lips barely touched.

You can.

Yoo-hwa replied wordlessly.

Pit-pat, pit-pat.

Clothes fell to the floor with the sound of the rain.

Yoo-hwa sat with her arms covering her chest.

Her arms were so thin that she could only cover a little.

Yoo-hwa’s house, with the lights turned off, was very dark, but the outlines could be seen from the moonlight and the streetlight that flowed in.

Her pale body stood out in the faint light that came in.

While Yoo-hwa didn’t know what to do, she did not avoid his gaze.

Her brown eyes, which looked motionlessly at this moment as if they were taking a picture, slowly traced his face.

As Yoo-hwa’s gaze, tracing every part of his face, reached his eyes again, Woo-hyun’s body headed towards her as if she had sent him a signal.

Her lips, which had cooled down, became hot and wet.

As soon as he kissed her, his lower body became hard and swollen.

Woo-hyun frowned at the excited reaction below, as if it had foreseen what would happen next.

At that moment, when he was so skeptical that he wondered if it would be better to get a knife, he felt disdainful for himself for responding to his instincts.

He had never thought of himself as an undamaged human, but he had never been as in despair as he was right now.

Contrary to his mind, Woo-hyun’s body instinctively followed the process.

His lips lightly sucked on Yoo-hwa’s neck.

At the same time, he held Yoo-hwa’s hands.

It was a shackle.

So that Yoo-hwa couldn’t stop him.

So that he wouldn’t run away on his own at the same time.


As she gasped, her chest swelled up.

Her protruding swollen nipples filled the gap between them and touched his chest.

Yoo-hwa’s eyes widened in surprise.

The brown eyes that were always as calm as a lake.

Her emotions didn’t change, to the extent that she could calmly speak of her own tragedy.

The emotions that the skinny face sometimes showed were when she felt fear and when she mustered the courage to overcome that fear.

Like when she waited for him while enduring the fear of the dark alley at a late hour, or when they went to the mart together.

Yoo-hwa, who was like that, made a strange expression with just one touch of their chests.

Slightly opened lips and widened eyes, wandering around.

There was a sound of rationality breaking inside him.

Woo-hyun, who was moving slowly as if hesitating, speeded up his movements.

His large hand grabbed Yoo-hwa’s soft chest.

Yoo-hwa, who felt both pain and pleasure from the act of grabbing and sweeping her chest from the bottom up, couldn’t hold it in and let out a short moan.

Woo-hyun lowered his head and kissed Yoo-hwa’s chest.

Pressing her nipple with his tongue, it rose again like a roly-poly.

He kissed her breasts and traced between her legs with one hand.

“… Aah.”


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