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For you, Ill sacrifice my life and also take the Alliance masters life.


Xia Yan held the sword of death in her hand and pierced through sister Xiongs chest with an unparalleled momentum!

The Russian Federation had a double auxiliary combination.

Captain Evgeni saw that things were not good and hurriedly shot a ray of light.

Jiang Xiao and Xia Yan both had the STAR technique domain tears perception.

How could they allow the other partys light to connect to Xiongmei

Xia Yan held the sword of death in one hand, which was equipped with sister Xiongs majestic body.

Xia Yan flew at an extremely fast speed, dragging a sword light behind her before rushing back to her own half.

At the same time, Jiang Xiao also shot out a Sound of Silence.


At this time, not to mention the light that connected sister Xiong, even the special light that connected the other two people had disappeared without a trace.

On the commentary platform, no matter how fast the hosts mouth was, it couldnt be faster than the ever-changing situation on the field.

Obviously, Yu Phoebe was still immersed in the last stage of the Chinese athletesbattle: “Body of steel! The reason why the four contestants from the Russian Federation were known as the iron army was that each of them had the STAR technique, body of steel!

Their bodies were as hard as steel, and their skin couldnt be torn, but what did we see

Goddess Yan is mighty! The sword actually pierced through the opponents chest How sharp was that desperate great sword What kind of impact did goddess Yan have

The body of steel of gold quality was cut down by our Huaxia, Yanzhao Earths star technique of death!


It was a Platinum-quality Desperado STAR technique that even had tearing and heavy damage effects.

If the opponent was not treated in time, their life might be in danger!

How could you not love them when you have such godly skin and godly Yan

One second! One second to die!”

His partner, Jing Xinyue, couldnt help but hurriedly say,””As a rules awakened in the Galaxy stage, Han Jiangxues damage output is undoubted.

Obviously, the Russian Federation Army has treated Han Jiangxue as the main attack point.

Han Jiangxue has a variety of star techniques for attack, restriction, and disruption!”

“Indeed, Han Jiangxue has been specially taken care of.” Yu Feifei finally looked at the Chinese team.

At this moment, Han Jiangxue and Gu Shian were flying backward due to the explosion.

Their faces were covered in dust and their clothes were torn.

Jing Xinyue: “theres obviously no problem in focusing on Han Jiangxue.

The enemys strategy is very correct.

Han Jiangxue, a rules awakened in the Galaxy stage, has a much stronger output than her teammates.

However …”

Phoebe Yu was confused,”the mud snakes and mud dragons are attacking in the wrong way!” The contestants from the Russian Federation dont have any star techniques that can make the mud dragon and mud snake explode!”

As qualified hosts, Yu Phoebe and Jing Xinyue had already memorized the star techniques of the eight contestants from both sides.

Obviously, they had never seen a STAR technique that could cause the mud dragon and mud snake to explode.

Moreover, this explosion was definitely not an ordinary silver explosion.

It might not even be a gold quality explosion STAR technique, but a platinum quality one …


A heavy ice roar rolled up under the feet of the Russian legal system.

The Russian Federations rules awakened looked like a strong man, and his style was the same.

His knees had long been buried in the soil, and there seemed to be a special star technique stabilizing his body.

His body of steel was also resisting the baptism of the ice roar.

Ice roar and Desperado were both Platinum Star techniques, but their attack methods were different.

Xia Yan pierced through sister Xiongs chest with her sword, but it seemed that it would take some time for ice roar to completely crush the Russian Federations rules awakened.

The ice shards and sharp whirlwinds that swept up took some time to accumulate damage, unlike Xia Yans desperate sword that could defeat the enemy in one blow.

And in front of the Russian legal team members, there were Russian shield Warriors!

The Russian shield warriors knees were also deeply embedded in the ground.

The ground quickly churned like a Mud River.

Within the range of the ice roar, a hemispherical defensive barrier was formed.

The star techniques of the Russian Federation, one shield and one technique, produced a chemical reaction!

Just two people had actually built an indestructible cannon

In the half of the Huaxia teams side, the mud snakes and mud dragons were still stirring up trouble.

Gu Shian held a shield in one hand and a Redbud sword in the other, blocking left and right, trying his best to create an environment for Han Jiangxue to attack.

Han Jiangxues eyes narrowed.

In such a chaotic battlefield, she immediately activated the black sky defense shield.

Hu …

Han Jiangxue, who was holding the ball of ripples in her left hand, had a solemn expression on her face.

The ground under her feet was churning wildly, which also caused her to sway from side to side and be greatly disturbed.

What the host said just now was true.

Almost all of the enemys output, disruption, and control-type star techniques were being used on Han Jiangxue …

Of course, we have to consider another problem.

If they dont focus their fire on Han Jiangxue but instead focus their fire on Jiang Xiao or Xia Yan, we might not be able to control them.

The giant mud dragons that were roaring in the distance were blocked outside the black sky defense shield, but the mud snakes under their feet were still stirring up trouble.

Hong long long …

The giant mud dragon rose up from the ground, baring its fangs and brandishing its claws.

With a ferocious expression, it crashed into the defensive barrier with an unparalleled force of impact!

It wasnt just an ordinary collision, but an explosion!

The sound of the explosion rumbled, and the air waves were monstrous.

Even the Platinum quality black sky defense shield trembled violently, making people worry if it would break.

What kind of mysterious STAR technique is this

What level of output STAR technique is it

This was only the huge mud dragon.

The damage and chaos caused by the explosion of the small mud snakes that were interfering with Han Jiangxue and Gu Shian had indeed greatly limited their normal movements.

Gu Shian frantically cut off the mud snakes head.

He was not called a Shield Specialist for nothing.

He only had one mission, and that was to protect Han Jiangxue.

So far, Gu Shian was simply too reliable!

It was just that the mud River and mud Marsh under his feet were too disgusting.

Gu Shian couldnt solve it, but he had done the best he could.

On the commentary platform, the host Jing Xinyues attention was clearly on the other side.

She said with a slightly worried tone,””Is the Russian Federation still not admitting defeat Contestant vicars chest had been broken, could she still be saved Are there going to be deaths in the first match”

However, Yu Feifei didnt think about that.

She shouted,””How should we break out of this situation

Han Jiangxue and Gu Shian were disturbed and controlled by the mud snake and mud stream star techniques.

Even with the protection of the shield of flames and their bodies of steel, they could not withstand more explosions!

The explosion from the mud snake was too strange.

The Chinese athletes were in danger!

Jiang xiaopis blessing obviously could not penetrate the thick mud flow and was blocked by the layers of Mud River.

What should he do

How should we break out of this situation We … Ah, Han Jiangxues goal had never been the enemys rules awakened and shield-bearers Instead, its the captain of the enemy”

On the enemys half of the field, Jiang Xiao sent Captain Evgeni of the Russian Federation flying with a slash of his sword.

Without hesitation, he turned around and cast silence on the Russian rules awakened and shield-bearer in the distance.

Almost at the same time, the Russian Captain, who had been sent flying by Jiang Xiao, was blasted into pieces by the lightning bolts one after another!

Jiang Xiao was dumbfounded.

Mud body

What was going on

Jiang Xiaos domain tear had always been activated, and he had never discovered that the Russian Captain had done any “substitute” behavior.

How could he be a mud body

However, Jiang Xiao couldnt care less at this moment.

After a few blessings were blocked by the mud on the enemys mud shield, he had no choice but to switch to Sound of Silence.

Jiang Xiao raised his hand and cast Sound of Silence again, which landed on the Russian legal team and the shield-bearer in the distance.

However, the sound of silence was instantly cleared away by the snow.

“Hehe.” Jiang Xiao grinned and thought, I dont believe this!

Jiang Xiao waved his left and right hands continuously and shot out the sound of silence again and again.


If you can instantly purify it, then I can instantly silence it!

Id like to see which one of us has more star power!

Im not even going to use the star continuation STAR technique, Im just going to compete with you guys on thepower of the power bank in my body!

Jiang Xiao, stop for a moment.” Han Jiangxue said softly.

Although they were far apart, she knew that Jiang Xiao could read her lips through the rain.

Whoosh …

The black sky defense shield was instantly retracted, and almost at the same time, a gust of barren wind blew Gu Shian directly into the sky.

Han Jiangxue also disappeared without a trace along with the defense shield.

If she could summon star pets and put on the sea-devouring soul, how could Han Jiangxue be hurt How could they be restricted by the terrain

“Where did Han Jiangxue go What was she doing She … Oh my God! Face-charging Majin!” Yu Feifei shouted excitedly,”the Xinghai Archmage is not happy!”

Han Jiangxues slender figure suddenly appeared in the Russian camp!

She was standing in the middle of the thick mud barrier!

She was standing behind the Russian shield-bearers and in front of the Russian rules awakened!

Her body was wrapped in a shield of flames, but her beautiful eyes were cold.

The next moment, with her as the center, a circle of electric current spread out!

[Lightning Halo: condenses star power and creates a rapidly expanding ring of lightning with the user as the center.

It can shock and paralyze the enemy.]

Bzzzz … Bzzzz … Whoosh …

Circles of lightning halos spread out and electrocuted the bodies of the Russian shield-bearers and Russian legal system.

Inside the thick mud shield, Han Jiangxues explosive output completely “exploded”!

Circles of electric currents spread out, running around the bodies of the two Russian contestants, numbing their bodies.

It electrocuted people until they twitched, their limbs trembled, and they could not use any star techniques … This seemed to be another form of silence

Just as Phoebe had said, the Galaxy Archmage was not happy!


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